The Durable Connect division of Durable Goods is geared towards webisodic, long form, experiential, social, apps, VR and evolving technologies. Just as DG represents directors, DC surrounds projects with connectors. Think of them as highly specialized directors of content for the social / digital world.

Anna Mastro | Viral Video Expert

A show runner and sometimes director herself, Anna has mastered the art of creating video and webisodic content that consistently gets enormous numbers of views and shares.  Her “Royal Crush” webisodic series for Royal Cruise Lines consistently draws 3M-4M views per episode and a parody video that she created of the Shawn Mendes / Camilla Cabello song “I Know What You Did Last Summer” received 1.5M views it’s first week.

David Prescott | Applied Technology

David makes it a point to dissect and understand all technology innovations and learn how to apply them to the world of marketing.  He spent several years at DreamWorks innovating within their VFX and animation divisions and was one of the founding members of James Cameron’s Digital Domain.  He is at the forefront of experiential design, virtual reality and the internet of everything.

Joie Mikitson | Social Strategy & Activation

Joie is a social media strategist/producer who uses her eclectic experience to develop, produce & execute marketing initiatives that get audiences buzzing.  She honed her skills as a member of Obama’s groundbreaking 2008 campaign social media team that delivered the election to him; has built a one-of-a-kind interactive vending machine for Adobe and also crafted Mapquest’s social strategy that turned them from a top 50 website into a global juggernaut.

Hank Neuberger | Music & Live Stream Design

Hank is a Grammy-winning producer & the largest live-streaming web-cast resource for music festivals in the country. His music industry connections are deep as is his commitment to putting brands next to music. As an added bonus, he always knows the best new music artists before anyone else and can usually get backstage passes.

Jeremy Norberg | Development Engineer

Jeremy can translate the most complicated marketing needs into technology speak & vice versa. This makes him an expert at concepting & creating all kinds of things out of zeros & ones – apps, games, sites, software, front-ends & back-ends, putting him at the forefront of the ‘internet of things’ revolution. In a former life, he spent 14 years at a little company called Apple, learning how to bring insanely great products to market.

Jayne Heggen | Client-Centric Services

Jayne is reinventing client services for the digital age. After working inside at e-Bay & United Airlines, and holding executive positions at several ad agencies & ad agency holding companies, Jayne developed and patented a virtual cloud-based resource-management tech platform for agencies. Jayne clearly defines process, allowing multiple connectors to seamlessly move projects forward.

Michael Rafayko | Executive Connector

Michael is our Rosetta Stone of multi-discipline experience.  He was Head of Broadcast Production for both Leo Burnett and Downtown Partners, and Managing Director of Multi-Platform Digital Production for Digitas.  He has lent his skills and expertise to dozens of Fortune 100 brands & award winning campaigns, including global initiatives for Philip Morris, United Airlines, Reebok, Coca-Cola and more.  He built 2 successful marketing companies on his own – Rebar Partners and MRPS, as well as consulting with various other ad agencies, brands, production and design companies.


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