Manny Bernardez


Manny Bernardez Is A Venezuelan Born Director; With A Clear Affinity For The Bold And Irreverent. All Delivered Through An Artful And Crafted Aesthetic.

He started his career in Miami Beach FL, working for MTV Latino, Discovery Networks, HTV, among others. Creating On Air brand packages and show promos. Then proceeded to form Unburro, a highly awarded and influential design & animation studio based in Miami’s Design District. Looking to expand his skill set; Manny relocates to NYC, and takes an Art Director position with Teamheavy/, the pioneering company of digital brand integration and branded content. This experience serves not only to further his design, animation and digital skills. But also sparked Manny’s true passion: Filmmaking.

This journey eventually leads him to Portland Oregon. Where he takes a creative leadership position with Nike’s Global Brand Design team. It is here, that Manny finally has the space and opportunities to focus his passion for filmmaking. While at Nike he Creative Directs & Directs an extensive body of work. Most notably the launch of Nike+ and the Beijing Olympics. These successes lead to the creation of the Nike Brand Kitchen. An internal content studio intended to deliver quick–strike, creative viral content. Manny was chosen to Co-Lead this team which created some very memorable pieces. Among them: Nike Free Bear Butte Running Camp, Danny Kass Yellow Snow, and the multi award winning Nike Fresh Air.  After 6 successful years with Nike, Manny relocates to Boston MA to take on a VP Group Creative Director role with Digitas.  There he applied his experience and unique skills on work for Digitas’ key clients: GM, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, Buick, Aflac & Olay.

In 2011 Manny’s evolution comes full circle as he turns his passion for creating and directing narratives into his north star. He joins international production company Savage becoming this first Director/CD hybrid, helping clients like Nike and Frigidaire take projects from inception to completion with full creative oversight and coherence.

After 3 successful years with Savage, Manny sets his sights to a different, more evolved business model. One that better suits the future of the industry. A fully integrated production & post production shop with creative agency abilities. In this quest he joins Click3X and begins testing his theory. While in this outfit Manny is able to finally stretch his creative & production muscles delivering fully integrated work for: National Geographic, NFL Network, ESPN, NBA, OnStar.

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